Jun 26, 2010

finished first draft

of An Intervention 63 pages. phewf. Editing it right now and working on the graphic design elements to be apart of my collection currently titled Parallax but subject to change which will be released in both pdf format and hard copy.

this is my first big book. I wrote a chapbook earlier this summer which I might put on pdf soon. I have a lot of stuff I've never considered sharing, but recently I've gotten over that. I need to believe in what I'm doing not put it down and wait around for my whole life, never putting myself out there.

I've still got a lot of issues with my writing. I still think its immature. I still think it can be better. Putting it out there doesn't mean I'm fully satisfied, it just means I've accepted that I never fully will be.

I've got a lot to learn, and this is apart of the process, I've got to stay sharp and in the game and this is just a first step. But I also know that wherever I go and whatever I do



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