Jun 24, 2010

notes on brothers talk

brothers talk's stanzas are 3-3-3-2-2, an expansion of 3+2=5, it is then three 3's and two 2's. 2 upward lines in U, three downward lines in M. UM. I feel like its numeric symbolism of the alignment of Heaven and Earth, God and Animal, Causality and Syncronicity, Space and Time, Yin and Yang in our world. This alignment is what

SENSE, our perception and interaction dymnamic that synthesizes our consciousness and our notion of reality. By writing this, I am engaging in your eye's visual perception and altering sensory ratios. Are you less attuned to the sounds around you? The air conditioning units hum the expanding floorboards, the computer overheating? Can you read with music on? I can, others can. We each live in totally isolated islands of being, completely different worlds cut off by the darkness and mortality of our existence. An existence governed by fact and reason can only narrow our sense of perception and make our worlds even flatter.
This narrowness and darkness and relativity is exactly why

SENSE and not making it. The making it was not done by me but I came from not somewhere, or nowhere, but where and that where is either here or there. Both lead back to faith.

1) here- where is here in a constantly formless relative world. A world of immutable silence impenatrable darkness. But if it is always silence always darkness no instrument can play our experience. no sound can make the song of existence. no musician can master those scales.

2) there- where is there in world where god said "Let There be Light". There is not here but synchronisitically occupies the same territory: they are both in flux: constant formlessness darkness silence. One still says very little about its film. Looking at a DVD's disk won't help you guess what kind of film it is either.

But the information of the still and the disk's effect is not the same. When one's reality is based off of the still, one knows more the emotionality and qualitative genre of the film's content. When one's reality is based off of the disk, one knows more the dimensions of their reality. They know what they're looking at: a DVD. a film. The still-gazer surrenders himself to the single moment, the poetic image. The disk-gazer assesses the veracity of their comprehension: that it is actually a DVD and that they've assessed all of the dimensions of its character aptly: that they've read all of the text on the sticker wrapping around the hole in center. That they put it in the correct box.

Now to loop this rant back to brothers talk. I am a still-gazer, my brother is a disk-gazer. I am oriented toward words, him, numbers. When we talk to each other I'm fascinated with how we take two completely different paths of reasoning when we are approached with the same question. This is poem is constructed as a symbolnet of our relationship and how we communicate. The last couplet is 1 line my brother, one line me, because we have reached a compromise, but also because of the greater symbolic belief: that the forces of our perception balance our worlds so that we may fully experience and accept one another as apart of a human family relation. Causality and Synchronicity Space and Time, Heaven and Earth, god and animal, Yin and Yang.

The still-disk metaphor example of this belief would be that there are disks with visual art adhered to their exterior. That our senses are being engaged and demanding to be engaged on an equal plane. We are getting the message of unity from every edge and angle of our environment. We need to meet each other halfway, unit here and there, dark and light, perception and experience, experience and expression so our worlds collide to become as consistently chaotic as they sensed, dark as light, balanced. Heaven and Earth unite to become one. This Unity is not an inevitability. The path towards its coming is beyond proof. Life's racetrack is round, its finish line beyond and before our bodies.
We are Trying, always

and that makes you
a difficult immature motherfucker
thats what I think

alright but is it my fault?
probably I am not very easy to remember
myself in spacetime not alone

think the whole fucking world revolves around you
and make everyone accomodate that shit
thats what I think

okay but also its because theres no cellphone reception at my school
and I got used to that shit

still gotta answer your phone
I know I'm working on it

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