Jun 26, 2010

reading Rumi

my favorite poet right now. he's a poet didn't write poems, but prayers. I can read the reedflute's song as translated by Coleman Barks over and over again. Each time his words quench and parch my throat and thirst more than the last, leaving me at once full and empty. This feeling Rumi knows better way better than I do. I'm just getting used to it.

To be torn to be open. To be dead to be free. To release ones grip to control. When I write my experience and expression are felt in closest union, more than any other art form. I love painting, but I'm always held up by the experience, and my expression lags behind. It's the opposite with music. I feel like I have the tune, but my fingers can't keep up.

Even with the balance I feel when I write there's still so much I don't know and so much I don't even think to say I don't know. I'm always floored by how much Rumi is able to express that I never would think to write. Also never being satisfied with the final product, and wishing to escape the urge to create. I think that's definitely something every writer feels.

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