Jul 18, 2010

  1. You're medocre.

    d rather be meaty okra.

  2. TheNewDiehl

    would your world order practce nepotsm?

    fuckng duh...but d lke to thnk my frends that put into mportant positions would have some appropriate skills.

  3. TheNewDiehl

    dd a smoke sgnal n nuthin. LUV HM HE MAKES ME TINGLE

  4. you're not dong them well enough. not a fortnght ago sent hm a smoke sgnal that was returned posthaste.

  5. TheNewDiehl Hsimms

    More psychoblly bands, please.

    ts not fucking psychobilly.

  6. TheNewDiehl

    um m n love w jake coan HOW CAN GET N CONTACT W HI

he seems lke the knda guy who would apprecate a good, sexy smoke sgnal message.

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