Jul 18, 2010

notes on process

in this series, I fart out nonsense about poems and how I write them:

how to write a poem in 10 steps

1) crushin on your subject
2) lie to yourself like you're not crushin
3) admit to yourself you are
4) it'll never happen
5) just go for it
6) yeah but it'll never happen
7) you fucking pussy just fucking GO FOR IT!
8) but what if
9) no cut that shit out

I keep poems a secret in my head
they wriggle in somehow
I just have to hold them there
and not let them out to see

poems are DUST
you're minds an EMPTY ROOM
when the new dust gets blown in
through the open window
DO NOT reach for it too soon
its floating around
grabbing for it will only spread it out
into every direction and it'll be gone

let it settle
sweep it up gently

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