Jul 4, 2010

how did it happen: EXTREMELY ROUGH

god I don't want to live with my parents anymore I go to an
early college in massachusetts and it makes me feel
real grown up but on my own is what I would like to be

grown up but during the year I would hold her hair and
feel her eyelids pulsing on my neck and I would
look at my hands and think they're too young for this
kind of shit: how did it happen

that I look down at my stomach no shirt on it and theres
black hairs that are around my bellybutton
same surprise:

I'm at jewish sleepaway camp that I don't tell people I went to now
because its lame and I was on a canoe trip with
this girl who we would makeout sloppily while everyone else was
cleaning up site and we were sitting on a bench by the quarter operated eye
over the fox river in wisconsin and we told each other
'I'm glad your on this trip'
'I'm glad your on this trip too'

I looked down at my bathing suit and my legs and saw more of them than before
I went into the restroom at the rest top thats where we were
and read the stuff on the walls of the stall then stared down at my leg hair

how did it happen that I'm here and can't concentrate because firework
sounds coming in through open windows? from stargazer lily's---
my mom told me they were my birthday flower
cuz when they bloom its close to my birthday
which it is and it freaks me out and now I'm gonna ask again

how did it happen?

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